Noreen Renier psychic detective and missing person / lost child medium. For decades she's faked hundreds of U.S. police hirings and case results.
Noreen Renier: 5 decades of her paranormal claims examined including her top case.
Noreen Renier, Psychic, Detective, A Mind For Murder, Police
Psychic actress Noreen Renier was born Noreen Jean Uzdavinis in Turners Falls Massachusetts January 16, 1937. She was Noreen Klinko before her first divorce and has continued to use the name Noreen Renier decades after her second divorce.

Noreen Renier will turn 80 on January 16, 2017. These public access research files cover the years 1980-2016 and are offered as proof that Noreen Renier has for decades fooled millions across the world with deceptions. Noreen Renier repeatedly changes her prior claims to fit the final outcomes in cases and has created vast cases and police associations that never happened. She falsely portrays herself as being hired by hundreds of public law enforcement agencies, and as working as an FBI investigator.  This public awareness  web site is the result of a worldwide team of dedicated investigators, researchers, prior Renier clients, eye-witnesses, attorneys, legal staffs, and the statements from Noreen Renier creditors who were left unpaid during her repeated bankrupcy filings. It is our hope to counter her decades of public deceptions and the emotional damage towards those who seek her help and are horribly misled.

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